installation and maintenance

Surveillance plays a huge part in today’s society, and with cameras all around us, our day-to-day lives are experiencing higher levels of security each day. Keeping your business safe is a top priority, and using CCTV systems can significantly enhance your ability to do so. 

We provide greater performance, capability and flexibility through digital equipments such as High Definition cameras, intelligent storage and retrieval processes, offsite monitoring , response and integration. We offer solutions mean that even when you’re not at your premises, you can check your cameras via your smartphone or other internet-enabled devices.

Entertainment – done the right way, with back up. We install all versions of satelite decoders such as open view, DSTV and setting up extra view (enabling you to view different channels on different TV’s using the same account).

Our Quality Brands

Hikvission IP and HD cameras,

Vivotek IP cameras,

Daua IP and HD cameras


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