Eletronic security
installation and maintenance

About us

Maphokwana Electronic Systems was established in 2016 and we have experienced aggressive growth due to our dedication to service excellence, technical advancement and innovative quality security solutions. We offer top quality products designed for customers who are seeking the quality and durability and value.

Why Choose Us

Maphokwana Electronic System has experience in all types of  Electronic Security Installation and Maintaenance Services, ranging from homes, offices, banks, hotels. Our technical team will survey the site to ensure our customers receive a system tailor made to their requirements.

Our Services

Alarm System

CCTV Analogue or IP

Booms, Tunstiles & Spike Barriers

Electrical Fencing

DSTV Installation


Dstv Systems & Decoders


Gates Motors


Some of Our Work

Our technical crews pride themselves on the highest standards of professionalism and skill during the installation process, providing the best Equipment.

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